Nct reaction angry

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Finally back at it with the NCT Reactions. Brace yourself, as it is all members to have debuted thus far. You were gone. They thought that everything was fine.

nct reaction angry

But I guess they were somehow wrong…. Taeil would keep his feelings to himself. Originally posted by taeilcity. Being alone seemed like the best option since that was how he felt without you. When you were together, you had your misunderstandings. Taeyong realized much later that another was thinking his love for you was ever gone. And if he thought too long, he would cry an ocean of tears filled with all his regrets about you.

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NCT 127 reaction to their S/O accidentally getting hurt by another member

Johnny would be relatively normal after. He would joke with his members and be committed to his work as always. He was so normal afterward that not only did other people think he was fine, he thought it himself.

It was only when he was alone did he have time to be left with his thoughts.

nct reactions

You both had your problems, but Johnny would pile it all onto himself and only to himself.Interrupting you, he took a step closer as he rose his voice in defiance- For a split moment you felt threatened and took a step back, shrinking away from him. When you look upset or sorry, he wants nothing more than to reunite the two of you in a warm embrace T T. Feeling annoyed by his pestering about your private life and affairs, you turn from him to leave, when he reaches out to grab your elbow.

He was just gesturing a bit wildly like he usually when trying to explain something vehemently… When he got fed up that is that you were missing his point. He can get a bit physical when frustrated, but never towards you or other people, more just like objects, kicking a door or screaming into a pillow if that upset. Irritated and done, he probably slapped a cabinet shut from beside him, the loud shutter racking through your figure as well as you jumped a bit.

Like I said, give him time to link things up before his tensed shoulders are falling, his hardened expression seeming to melt off before he murmurs an apology. Reaching out for your hand, he feels his heart literally break in half when you draw your hand out of reach on instinct. His head dropped to your hand before making its way toward your shoulder. Resting his forehead upon your shoulder he did nothing but bask in the silence. Taeyong: Honestly…?Thank you.

Originally posted by xehunted. He wants nothing more than to keep you in a long embrace, treating you as the treasure you are. Originally posted by lit-lilly.

John would be upset, a mix of distraught despair and anger boiling within him. He treats you like his world and would be very emotional about the news. Originally posted by loveholic Taeyong has always been very emotional. Originally posted by taesyong. Originally posted by dovounq. Initially, Doyoung would be quite surprised.

Originally posted by markhyuks. Ten is a bit naive.

nct reaction angry

Originally posted by neojaehyun. The news would depress him. Originally posted by ohlychee. Originally posted by taeyongtown. Someone really laid their hands upon you? Originally posted by haenyan. He thought he understood you so well, yet he was totally wrong. Johnny: Originally posted by lit-lilly John would be upset, a mix of distraught despair and anger boiling within him. Taeyong: Originally posted by loveholic Taeyong has always been very emotional.

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Doyoung: Originally posted by dovounq Initially, Doyoung would be quite surprised. Ten: Originally posted by markhyuks Ten is a bit naive. Jaehyun: Originally posted by neojaehyun The news would depress him. Posted: 2 years ago on December 16, at Notes: Tags: well nct reaction nct gifs ten nct reaction nct reaction nct angst nct imagine mark lee reaction haechan reaction chittaphon reaction johnny reaction yuta reaction jaehyun reaction taeyong reaction.Taeyong: Yahh!!!

You should really reflect yoursel. After making a mess in the kitchen both of you had a little argument when you suddenly give him a kiss. OMG his smile is giving me goosebumps right now. I think Yuta will come up with a new game, e. I think he is a teaser. When both of you talked about smth. He will tease you for weeks, e. Renjun: Well…we had some dance practice and vocal training…u know.

Loves to dress up. Easily bored. Seldom shows emotions. Takes time to recover when hurt. Repost this in 5 mins and you will meet someone new in 8 days that will perfectly balance your personality. Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract.

nct reaction angry

Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Sexiest out of everyone. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest And loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but does not show it. Dislikes unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it.

Daring and stubborn.

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Realizing dreams and hopes. Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside not outside. Superstitious and ludicrous. Tries to learn to show emotions.I hope this is okay!

Tell me what you think okay?? Originally posted by neotechs. Your hand tightened on his knee, WinWin looking at you fondly and blushing at your positive response. Although Taeyong was your boyfriend, there was no denying that you and WinWin had some kind of connection; one that you had never experienced before with Taeyong.

As soon as you met Sicheng, you became the closest of friends, spending a lot of your free time with him and getting to know him. Of course, Taeyong loved how you got on so well with him; WinWin was like his brother whom he wanted to just protect from the world. So you befriending him was great. But, as you started to cancel your dates more, remember to bring WinWin his favourite snacks and spent a lot of time texting him, Taeyong felt betrayed by his own girlfriend and best friend.

He was already insecure enough, scared that his friends or group members would ditch him suddenly; but the though of you ditching him though, that scared him on an entirely new level.

What was puppy-love jealousy, had now developed to pure anger and disgust for the close relationship you had. Gulping down a bottle of water, he angrily slammed the bottle back down on the table, startling Jaehyun and Taeil who were sat on either side of him. Taeyong noticed how you quickly looked away and he was angry by it. Ignoring the confused looks and questions from Jaehyun and Taeil, Taeyong jumped up, striding over to where you sat with WinWin, and pulled you up by the arm.

You yelped, his hand was tight on your arm, you were sure it would bruise slightly. WinWin saw you flinch, instinctively standing up and pushing Taeyong away.

Despite being quite introverted and easily dominated by the older and louder members, he had suddenly gained a jolt of confidence. He glared at WinWin, vigorously shoving him off him. How he suddenly grabbed you and now had forced WinWin away harshly. WinWin had now backed away, sitting back down and looking down in embarrassment. Taeyong curtly turned and left the room, you hot on his heels. You watched him quietly from behind. His form was slightly slouched and closed, his steps were long and quick, his fists were shut tightly on either side of him.

That was what he was like when he was angry.

nct reaction angry

You shut the door and faced Taeyong, hands on your hips. He paced the room quickly, his eyes darting and unable to focus on solely one thing. Although he was angry and wanted to yell the place down, he still had enough sanity in him to remember there were other, and younger, people in the building.Can I get a nct reaction to them doing a prank on their gf saying they cheated on her and she did a prank back saying she cheated on them also.

Thank you!! Being the oldest member out of 17 members, I can see him being prank a lot so in the moment he would only smile and maybe tell you that you really scared him, but… jokes with you and with other members were two different things for him. Originally posted by xehunted. Or is there another person? A prank? Why did you do such thing to me?! Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou.

NCT 127 '뿔 (MAD DOG)' Track Video #7

Y-You want to tell me something? Originally posted by manlikeyukhei. Same reaction that Johnny here, but a little worst. Originally posted by d0nghyuck. Originally posted by jaetae-ph. My boy would be so done with you. What did I do wrong?! Originally posted by nctaezen.

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I can see him keeping silent as you do the prank, opening his mouth to say something more than once but not being able to say anything. You would stop when you see his eyes getting teary, and he would start whining right away. Whining and complaining as he laughs in disbelief. I can see Ten being the kind of person of getting revenge so… expect something weird coming from him later, for sure. Originally posted by neogotmybrick.

nct yandere reactions

Jaehyun is another smart member, so I can see him going blank for like a good minute, not even listening to you before suddenly interrupting you mid sentence. Originally posted by yoonohthings.

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Originally posted by bro-do-you-even-chogiwa.Anyway, I hope you guys love it! Originally posted by byunparks-archive. Fights can definitely spark some sexual fire for him. Angry sex with him is an experience. Lots of dirty talk, spanking, and hair pulling would be involved.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai. Have you seen those hips? The man would pound into you mercilessly. Whispers dirty names into your ear. Originally posted by fawnave. Baekhyun : Baek is a wild card. He can be very sweet and very loving. He would feel bad and would makeup for heated words with gentle sex. But I feel like with angry makeup sex he would tease you a lot.

The man gets a kick out of watching you squirm for him. He would be very loving and gentle with you. He wants to please you and makeup for anything hurtful he said to you. Originally posted by layallyourloveonxing. Chanyeol : Makeup sex with Chanyeol would be the best. His big hands would grab onto your thighs while he ate you out.